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HYPERICE: The recovery and performance technology brand Hyperice makes recovery and mobility devices that are used to relax and loosen muscles, increase circulation and enhance range of motion and flexibility. The new Hypervolt Plus, $449, is a percussion massage device that delivers max power and torque for a deeper massage. It features a built-in pressure sensor technology that gives visual feedback throughout the massage process to ensure that therapeutic sessions are more accurate. The product comes with a Hypervolt Plus; Hypervolt Applicator Set; Hypervolt Wall Charger and Hypervolt Battery. The brand, which works with athletes such as Blake Griffin and Lindsey Vonn, also recently partnered with tennis star Naomi Osaka.

ASICS: The new Glideride shoe from ASICS features the Guidesole technology that the brand first introduced in its Metaride concept shoe. The new iteration of the tech is lighter, with a less extreme curve and more cushioning than the concept shoe for increased comfort. “It offers a cushier ride that we believe has the potential to help runners of every level significantly improve performance to go further than they thought possible,” says Kenichi Harano, Executive Officer and Senior General Manager at the Japan-based brand’s Institute of Sport Science. ASICS describes the Glideride, $150, as having “energy saving” technology. In Spring 2020, the brand intends to launch Evoride, the next shoe in the family.

TIFOSI: Available in two “flavors,” Slice is the latest sunglass style from Tifosi Optics. It is designed for runners, cyclists and any adventure seekers who need their lenses to be shatterproof and serve as a shield from flying bugs and debris. The frameless wraparound lenses have 100 percent UV protection and provide unobstructed views while being more lightweight. One style comes with Fototec lenses that darkens tint as the day gets brighter. The other style choice is an interchangeable model with three lens options. MSRP $ 69.95.

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