MaY / June 2019 Issue

The Super Specialists

Shining a spotlight on 5 specialty stores — each excelling in different ways.

Spotlighting five specialty retail standouts:

In The Market

New Summit Sparks Greater Focus on Crucial Running Segment

Reporting Back from the Inaugural RIA KICK Show in Denver.

In a no-frills, get-down-to-business event that some attendees said had similarities to the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance Connect Show for outdoor specialty retailers, 24 key running brands and 65 to 70 key U.S. running shop owners and staff convened in Denver last week... (Read More)


Turning Heads

Top Tech in the Spotlight.

A look at new footwear tech and innovation to watch in the running market. Brands are focusing on upper materials, midsole technologies, energy return and more in the latest offerings. (Read More)

In The Market

Top Textile Trends

What’s Next in the Active/Outdoor/Sports Textile Scene

When it comes to textiles today it’s all about creating product that is best for the athlete and best for the planet, too. In the past these factors ran on two separate and distinct tracks of textile development — one steered toward elevating functionality in textiles, while the other progressed by focusing on organic materials. (Read More)


Previewing the SFIA Industry Leaders Summit

SFIA VP of Business Development John Peters answers our questions about the 7th Annual SFIA Industry Leaders Summit, which is set to take place in Baltimore, September 25-26, 2019. (Read More)

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March / April 2019 Issue

Finding a Way

The 2019 Power Retailers Have Similar Challenges but Different Strategies for Success.

This is Sports Insight’s ninth annual Power Retail report. You don’t need us to tell you that things in the sporting goods retail industry have changed quite a bit in that timeframe. (Read More)


Sweatshirt Redux

Don’t call it a comeback. They’ve been here for years. The classic sweatshirt is on the rebound.

Sweatshirts are having a bit of a moment right now. On Facebook and Instagram, it’s rare NOT to see a celebrity or sports figure donning something fleece, cozy or of the athleisure variety.(Read More)

Retail strategy

People Power

The 2019 Power Retailers Have Similar Challenges but Different Strategies for Success.

Hiring and retaining good people in a low unemployment market is not easy. But for retailers, it remains very important. (Read More)


How Sporting Goods Consumers Really Feel About Amazon

It’s no secret that a major competitor for the power retailers in sporting goods is Amazon. We asked consumers how they feel about shopping on Amazon for sporting goods products. Some of their answers may surprise you. (Read More)