NOVEMber / DECEMber 2017
Game Changers
Innovations, trends, products, people and issues that are changing the game in our industry.

The Protectors
Putting safety first. A look at head-to-toe gear designed  to keep athletes injury free.
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January / FEBruary 2017
Bringing It On Home
Fashion trends, new demographics and a new world order in sports licensing.

On The Rise
Innovative R&D combined with athleisure trends have the sports bra category in the spotlight.
March / april 2017
Power Retail
Our annual report on the
sporting goods industry’s
most powerful retailers.

Bankruptcy Tales
Taking a look at the fates, and the rich histories, of three struggling regional sporting goods chains.
MaY / JUNE 2017
Safety Blitz
The state of the football market. Products, trends and retail reports..

Style Quotient
Yoga, run, train, athleisure. Active apparel brands are performing in style.
JulY / august 2017
Key Performers
Performance underwear is a hot topic in the activewear category.

Safety Zone
Showcasing key products in protectives.
September / october 2017
The Money Issue
Our exclusive report on the money that brands and retailers are spending and making.

Park Life
Outdoor brands bring National Parks to life with stylish collections.
Game Changers
Innovations, trends, products, people and issues that are changing the game in our industry.

The Protectors
Putting safety first. A look at head-to-toe gear designed to keep athletes injury free.
January / FEBruary 2016
Crystal Clear
The Trends and Issues
That Will Shape The Industry 
in the Year Ahead.

Big Shots
Fanatics partners with the NBA on the league's new flagship store.
MARch / APRil 2016
Power Retail
Our annual look at the most powerful retailers across the U.S. sporting goods landcsape gets a shake-up this year.

Running Strong 
Style and performance play a balancing act in the sock world. We hone in on tech details.
MAY / JUNe 2016
Olympic Impact
Athletes and stories to watch in Rio, with a spotlight on women and the retail landscape.

Tech Talk 
Understanding the active performance and recovery benefits in compression.
JULy / AUGust 2016
The Millenials
Marketers can’t stop talking about them. We’ve got more than a few reasons why.

Outdoor Trends
A new generation of consumers has new demands for outdoor gear.
SEPtember / OCTober 2016
Fit for Fashion
Retailers report that fitness footwear, apparel and gear is in style.

Sports Med
Education and innovation lead the way in the athletic brace and sleeve market.
NOVember / DECember 2016
How We Innovate
Defining innovation is easier said than done. Industry execs share their definitions with us.

Retail Design
The art and science of store design is evolving fast.Here are some tips from an expert.
Generation Z will be a driving force in 2015. And Big Data is Big Biz.

Vendors weigh in with key trends to watch in the sports licensing category for the year ahead.
The Power 12
An in-depth report on the most 
powerful retailers in sporting goods.

Inside: NHL Special Section
MAY / JUNE 2015
Real Talk.
Why do we buy what we buy? 
Five female consumers share
their views.

Studio Time:
Brands raise the bar when it comes to new footwear for yoga, barre and pilates.
Outdoor Impact
How the new urban, athletic consumer is impacting outdoor apparel trends.

Key Performers
Tech-infused undergarments are the new must-haves.
Over The Top
The New Fitness Landscape

Stepping Up
Innovative fitness footwear styles are popping up as vendors keep pace with exercise trends.
Super Ideas
New Innovations Keep The Industry Flying High.

Cool Factor
Performance apparel brands focus on the "cool factor" in both style and tech.