November / December 2019 Issue

Running Safety Shines Bright

Brands Get Sophisticated in Designing for Running Reflectivity.

November is National Running Safety Month. As days get darker, retailers, brands and the Running Industry Association remind consumers to keep safety in mind. This year’s tagline is “Run Smart. Run Bright.” (Read More)


Raising Awareness

Talking Running Safety with RIA Executive Director Terry Schalow.

Each year in November, the Running Industry Association spearheads National Running Safety Month. (2019 was the 7th annual NRSM.) (Read More)


Pickleball 101

Five things you (definitely) need to know about the red hot sport of pickleball.

1. What is it? The sport of pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong on courts that are 22 by 44 feet. Four pickleball courts fit on the average tennis court. (Read More)

Q & A

Franklin Talks Pickleball

Iconic sporting goods brand Franklin Sports is all in on pickleball: Company president Adam Franklin dishes on the brand’s strategy in the sport. (Read More)


Fit and Ready

There is an up-and-comer in the fitness accessory business that is already a big name player. Adidas fitness accessories are looking to carve out a niche at sporting goods retail. (Read More)

In The Market

Olympia Will Be Regional Specialty Play for RSG

Bill Kirkendall tells us what’s next for RSG’s new acquisition.

The October 1 acquisition of 75 Olympia Sports storefronts is the latest maneuver in the Running Specialty Group’s (RSG) broader strategy to assemble a portfolio of active lifestyle companies. (Read More)

End Insight

What's New?
What's Hot!

Ready for the spotlight…

Athletic and outdoor brands alike are pushing heritage outdoor style. Check out what’s new and hot from Nike, New Balance and The North Face. (Read More)

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September / OCtober 2019 Issue

The Ones to Watch

Retailers Tell Us Which Brands and Categories Are Trending Up.

In search of the next “big thing,” Sports Insight asks retailers what’s currently moving in-store and what’s trending for the future — with a keen focus on fitness, running and outdoor activities. (Read More)


Starting It Up

5 Companies Putting their Own Spin on Sports + Tech.

Here, we put five emerging sport brands under the spotlight. A common theme among all five? Technology, technology, technology. (Read More)


Moving the Needle

The key trends, issues, brands, products and categories impacting the industry.

Fitness + Outdoor Activities Trending Up:   Inactivity is an issue for both children and adults in our nation. Yet data shows that across age groups, activity is up in fitness and outdoor based activities.
(Read More)


4 Big Ideas

New Tech & Standards Move the Needle on Sustainability.

When it comes to performance and innovation in the athletic world, textile firms are more often than not at the forefront. Here are four key stories to keep an eye on. (Read More)

In The Market

“Fair Pay to Play Act” Raises Questions

The collegiate sports licensing industry could be in for a shake-up.

NBA stars LeBron James and Draymond Green support the measure, but 2007 Heisman Trophy winner and current ESPN analyst Tim Tebow hates it.
(Read More)

In The Market

Kicking Off

Premium Craftsmanship Is Key Focus of Soccer Upstart UnoZero.

What’s in a name? For Miami-based UnoZero, it’s all about the rich history of soccer and the game’s greats who have donned the number 10 over the seasons... (Read More)

End Insight

What's New?
What's Hot!

Ready for the spotlight…

HYPERICE: The recovery and performance technology brand Hyperice makes recovery and mobility devices that are used to relax and loosen muscles, increase circulation and enhance range of motion and flexibility.
(Read More)